TREASURE shine bright in their first-ever 'TEU-DAY' fanmeet: "We won't let go of your hand." – gig report

TREASURE shine bright in their first-ever 'TEU-DAY' fanmeet: "We won't let go of your hand." – gig report

For any artist, getting to see their fans in person is pure bliss; and for TREASURE, it was evident in their faces, energy, and performances.

The YG Entertainment act hosted their first-ever live fanmeet, titled TEU-DAY, on 2 October at Olympic Hall in Seoul and live-streamed via VenewLive. Having debuted during the height of the pandemic, this was TREASURE’s first time seeing TREASURE MAKERS or TEUMES (TREASURE fans) in person.

Despite safety restrictions still in place, like social distancing and no screaming from the audience, the group was beyond ecstatic and you could see that (even through a screen) right from the beginning all the way to the end of their glittering two-hour show.


Emerging from behind the stage in pairs, the group opened their fanmeet with ‘Going Crazy’, greeting their fans with bright-eyed smiles and a captivating sense of charisma. Commanding the stage from the get-go – thanks to their cheery vocals and impressive choreography, you’d easily forget the 12-piece K-pop outfit was only a year old.

Following their opening performance, TREASURE greeted their fans with an opening ceremony and a TREASURE MAKER Orientation, where they taught their fans “new normal” fan chants that comprised claps and stomps.

Putting their newly learned chants to the test, TREASURE performed ‘I Love You’ followed by ‘My Treasure’. If you’ve ever been to a K-pop concert, fan chants (coupled of course with the mesmerising glow of lightsticks) are one of the most memorable aspects of their shows, regardless if you’re a dedicated fan or just a casual attendee.

While the performances definitely did not resonate the same would they have been accompanied by intense yet organised chanting from the crowd, there was a different type of magic to hearing fans clap and stomp along to the group’s songs.

Following a short intermission, TREASURE appeared back on stage to perform their heartfelt track ‘Slow Motion’. Dedicated to their fans, the performance was broadcasted against the image of the audience waving along their lightsticks to the moving and emotional ballad.

Unbeknownst to the group, their fans prepared a surprise video message where they sang back the lyrics of ‘Slow Motion’ to TREASURE. Displaying dozens of videos of fans holding up signs of encouraging messages to the members, the video began with a resounding message that said “We will always be with you.” It was at this moment that you realise that TEU-DAY wasn’t just an important moment for the group but for their fans as well, who have been relentlessly supporting TREASURE for the last year from afar.

Teary-eyed and filled with emotions, the members of TREASURE thanked their fans, promising to make them proud in whatever way they can.

"We really wanted to hear your voices, we’re so touched and happy. We won’t let go of your hand”, they said.

Moving on from the immensely touching (and a personal favourite) moment of TEU-DAY, TREASURE started the next segment, T-LOG where they look back on the past year of their musical journey. While it’s not what they anticipated their debut year would look like, the members share what a wonderful ride it’s been with each other and with TREASURE MAKERS.

The group looked back on significant milestones of their career so far, including their debut stage at Inkigayo, and their appearances at last year's Asia Artist Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards before ending it with their first fanmeet.

TREASURE also looked back on their new year’s resolution for 2021, one of which included performing in front of their fans – a goal that they now ticked off as “half done”.

Beyond their performances, TREASURE played some games including a memory test of greetings in other languages and a dance challenge where they shared one mic, as well as shared some messages and hopes they had for each other in the next coming years.

Coming to the last leg of the show, TREASURE performed their chart-topping track ‘BOY’ and their rap-heavy anthem ‘MMM’ – both of which showed exactly why they’re one of the most popular rookie groups today. Laying their hearts on the stage, TREASURE’s high-energy, power and intensity radiated even through the screen, showcasing exactly how much they’ve been waiting to perform on a live stage.

The group closed their first fanmeet with a playful encore performance of ‘Everyday’ before teasing their next upcoming project backstage.

In two hours and across seven songs, TREASURE showcased all the varied sides and styles of their artistry. From cheery pop tracks to hip-hop dance-heavy performances, it was clear that they were all-around performers.  Having taken command over a stage with such prowess – and so early on in their career makes you look forward to what else they have in store. 

Determined and unbelievably talented, TREASURE put their entire heart and soul into every performance and segment, and you didn't need to be there live to know that. 


  1. 'Going Crazy'
  2. 'I Love You'
  3. 'My Treasure'
  4. 'Slow Motion'
  5. 'BOY'
  6. 'MMM'
  7. 'Everyday' - encore stage


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