Wang Yibo, Han Geng, Henry Lau, and Lay Zhang reveal what to expect for Street Dance of China Season 4 - watch

Wang Yibo, Han Geng, Henry Lau, and Lay Zhang reveal what to expect for Street Dance of China Season 4 - watch

Street Dance of China is back for another season!

On Monday (02/08), Youku dropped video primers on each team captain for Season 4, featuring actor and UNIQ member Wang Yibo, Mandopop singer and actor Han Geng, Canadian singer Henry Lau, and EXO's Lay Zhang.

Wang Yibo teased the increased number of international dancers in the new season. “I heard that there are many new foreign participants,” he revealed. “Those who I follow include GOGO BROTHERS, Hilty and Bosch. I watched their videos while learning locking when I was young. The French dancers who Bouboo brought here are amazing, they are Rochka, Nelson, and Zyko.”

Han Geng revealed that while he has only seen videos of the dancers' performances, the experience of watching them perform is special. “When watching them on the site, it’s completely different," he said. "I hope together we can learn from each other and create more excellent works.”

Lay Zhang expressed his wishes that the international dancers will learn more about Chinese culture while they are on the show. “I wish to tell more about Chinese elements and stories with this new trending culture - street dance, regardless if they’re foreign dancers or Chinese dancers," Zhang said.

Henry Lau shared that his work as a composer would benefit him in coaching the dancers. “At many times, I compose by myself," Lau explained. "So I think I can make people realize the sounds that they can’t hear. I can show them to everyone.”

Street Dance Of China will air via YOUKU's YouTube channel every Saturday at 8 PM SGT/PHT (6 PM JKT, 9 PM KST/JST). 

Each episode of Street Dance Of China will feature 8 different subtitles – English, Korean, Thai, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. 

Aside from the weekly episodes, YouKu have also shared the schedule for behind-the-scenes footage, reaction clips, and more.

Here's a peek at what Street Dance of China Season 4 has in store for fans:

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