BTS talk about their new single 'Butter,' a new album, and going for a GRAMMY

BTS talk about their new single 'Butter,' a new album, and going for a GRAMMY


BTS have some exciting news coming up. 

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Fresh from the release of their heart-melting (and record-breaking) single 'Butter'the global pop icons held a press conference where they shared the meaning and process behind their latest track, their upcoming album, and how they've been in the last year. 

'Butter' is a charismatic, laid-back, and fun single that's similar to that of a confession of admiration, as described by Jimin


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"We tried to prepare a song for easy listening, instead of having a deep or profound message, it's smooth like butter, it melts into you. It's cute, a little bit charismatic, and kind," he says, in the press conference. 

RM also revealed that 'Butter' was almost already a complete song when presented to the group, but that they needed to rewrite some of the rap sections to better showcase each of the members' unique characters and charm. The BTS leader ended up co-writing and co-composing the track along with Jenna Andrews, Rob Grimaldi, Stephen Kirk, Alex Bilowitz, Sebastian Garcia, and Ron Perry, which he describes to be a fun and quick process.

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"I was able to take part in the rap and in the lyrics. Me, Suga, and J-hope, we all have different characters and I tried to highlight the unique styles," says RM. 

RM also shared that 'Butter' is a response to what the group feels people need to hear during this time.

"From our very start, we've always tried to find a balance between what we want to express and what listeners want from us. And every single song we've released, including 'Butter' and upcoming projects, have been, and will be, our best answers at the moment," he shares. 

"I used to search our past interviews and videos in order to understand why we are loved by so many fans. And I realized that listeners liked how we talked about stories they could relate to, and how they could find answers to their own concerns by listening to our songs," says Jin

During the release of the track's teaser, many fans shared that 'Butter' is reminiscent of Queen's 'Another One Bites The Dust'. RM shared that despite being huge fans of the iconic rock band, 'Butter' does not tribute or pay homage to the track but that they hope to collaborate with them soon. 

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"Queen, call us. We’re always waiting. Please, Queen, call us." says Jin. 

Following the GRAMMY nomination for their last English track 'Dynamite', Suga revealed that while the track is "not not their latest attempt at the award", winning a GRAMMY is still one of the goals BTS would still like to achieve. 

"Of course we will try again with 'Butter.' We hope we can have good results,"  says Suga. 

BTS is set to perform 'Butter' for the first time at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards, which Suga reveals to be a "significant awards ceremony" for the group. This year, the group is nominated in four categories - Top Social Artist, Top Selling Song, Top Group, and Top Song Sales Artist. 

As part of the press conference, Jimin and V also revealed that they are currently working on new music, including a new album.

This new record would follow BE, one of the group's best-selling albums, which was released last year. As exciting as 2020 was for the group, with the release of their album and a myriad of milestones, BTS revealed that it was still a difficult year for them, having been far away from their fans; regardless, the group carried on releasing music in an attempt to spread positive energy during a dreary year. 

"Music was at the center of everything. It was the breakthrough in difficult and anxious times and what brought us all the happy moments. We really felt the huge power of music. I hope to make more music like that and spread the good energy to others," says J-hope. 


Next month, BTS will be celebrating their 8th anniversary with another edition of FESTA, an annual party with their fans. The group shared that in spite of their excitement to celebrate another year together, the upcoming celebrations are "bittersweet" having to spend another year away from their fans. 

"It's a meaningful 8th anniversary but it's a shame in part. We have the FESTA upcoming for ARMYs but it'll be done online. Plus there're many stages that we couldn't share. It's sad that so many events are held without ARMYs on site. But still, we'll try our best," says V.

Watch the music video for 'Butter' here.