Get to know the co-writers of 'Stay Alive' by BTS' Jungkook and SUGA

Get to know the co-writers of 'Stay Alive' by BTS' Jungkook and SUGA

BTS' SUGA and Jungkook's 'Stay Alive' filled the airwaves last week and we've had it on repeat ever since.

Serving as Jungkook's first official release and another addition to SUGA's long list of produced tracks, the pop ballad is the official soundtrack of HYBE's webtoon 7FATES: CHAKHO that features BTS. Reflecting each character's inner turmoil, 'Stay Alive' narrates a story of determination and perseverance amidst a vicious world.  

In true BTS fashion, 'Stay Alive' had a historic debut, earning the largest number of first-day Spotify streams by a Korean soloist (another impressive record set by Jungkook) and solidified itself as the third overall most-streamed song in its first 24 hours. 


Behind Jungkook's soulful vocals and SUGA's ever-impressive beats are the words of impressive songwriters scattered all across the world. Alongside BIGHIT Music's in-house team—which includes EL CAPITXN and Shin Won Park—and SUGA, 'Stay Alive' was co-written by Gabriel Brandes, Louise Frick Sveen, Maria Marcus, Matt Thompson and Max Graham of ARCADES, each of which have accolades and credits that span miles. 

Get to know each co-writer of SUGA and Jungkook's OST here. 


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ARCADES are a British production duo that comprises Max Graham and Matt Thomson. The pair kicked off their career creating official remixes for various artists before officially coming together as ARCADES in 2018. 

Since then, the duo have released an array of singles including their hit 'In The Air', which even gained the attention of BTS' J-hope. From there, ARCADES became no strangers to working with the 'Butter' act having co-wrote and produced a number of their songs including 'Jamais Vu' and 'Mikrokosmos' off of Map of the Soul: Persona and 'Inner Child' from Map of the Soul: 7

Beyond BTS, ARCADES have also worked with several other K-pop acts including GOT7, TXT, ENHYPEN, and SHINee's Taemin.


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While you may not know of Louise Frick Sveen, you're definitely familiar with her work.

On top of 'Stay Alive', the highly acclaimed songwriter and producer has had her in hand in creating TWICE's 'Wake Me Up', 'LOVE FOOLISH', and 'Turn It Up', GOT7's 'One And Only You' with HYOLYN, 'Naughty' by IRENE&SEULGI of Red Velvet, and many (many) more. 


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Much like Louise, Maria Marcus' touch is all over the world of K-pop. The multi-platinum awarded songwriter and producer have worked on an array of hits you've definitely recognised before including CHUNG HA's 'Luce Sicut Stellae', EVERGLOW's 'Please Please' and 'Company', and GFRIEND's 'Love Spell'

On her own, Maria is also a talented artist who has released several tracks like 'High On You', 'Sommar', and 'I Frankrike'.


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Armed with a guitar and a soothing voice, Gabriel Brandes has always been a musician. Whether it's with other artist's songs, his mini covers on Instagram or his own music, the Swedish multihyphenate always deliver a sprinkle of magic in his work. 

Gabriel has a number of titles under his belt and has worked with popular acts like TXT, Stray Kids, ENHYPEN, BoA, SHINee, PENTAGON, and more. 

Listen to 'Stay Alive' by BTS' SUGA and Jungkook here.