Jay Chou, G.E.M, JJ Lin, Eric Chou and more top Spotify 2020 Wrapped Taiwan’s list of most-streamed artists

Jay Chou, G.E.M, JJ Lin, Eric Chou and more top Spotify 2020 Wrapped Taiwan’s list of most-streamed artists

Spotify has unveiled the top artists and tracks of the year in Taiwan with their annual 2020 Wrapped.

Spotify users can now also find out which were the earworms that got them hooked for most of 2020, and especially the ones that got us through quarantine season.

As the heart of Mandopop music, Spotify Taiwan has announced that some of their most-streamed artists of the year include the likes of the biggest superstars in Mandopop such as Jay Chou, G.E.M, Jolin Tsai, JJ Lin, and many more. 

Emerging at the top of the list for the most-streamed artist in Taiwan is the undisputed King of Mandopop, Jay Chou, followed by Hong Kong singer, G.E.M, and Grammy-nominated global superstars, BTS, who also had their record, MAP OF THE SOUL : 7, included in Taiwan's most played albums of the year. 


While the most-streamed song of 2020 goes to 想見你想見你想見你  by 831, which was one of the songs from the OST of popular Mandarin drama series, 想見你. 831 was also the fourth most played group in Taiwan this year.

‘Outta Body 靈魂出竅by Taiwanese hip-hop luminary E.SO takes the cake for the most-streamed album of the year, who also became the fifth most-played male artist this year.

Additionally, G.E.M bagged the title of the most-streamed female artist of the year, followed by pop icon Taylor Swift and Taiwanese pop diva, Jolin Tsai.

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Check out the Spotify 2020 Wrapped Taiwan Top Lists below:

Taiwan’s Most Streamed Artists

周杰倫, Jay Chou

G.E.M., 鄧紫棋


林俊傑, JJ Lin

周興哲, Eric Chou

Taiwan’s Most Streamed Female Artists

G.E.M. 鄧紫棋

Taylor Swift

蔡依林, Jolin Tsai

梁靜茹, Fish Leong

田馥甄, Hebe Tien

Taiwan’s Most Streamed Male Artists

周杰倫, Jay Chou

林俊傑, JJ Lin

周興哲, Eric Chou

高爾宣, OSN

瘦子, E.SO

Taiwan’s Most Streamed Groups





The Chainsmokers

Taiwan’s Most Streamed Albums

Outta Body, 靈魂出竅, 瘦子, E.SO

#osnrap, 高爾宣 OSN

摩天動物園, ​G.E.M. 鄧紫棋

~how i'm feeling~, Lauv


Taiwan’s Most Streamed Songs

'想見你想見你想見你' (電視劇"想見你" 片尾曲) by 831

'Without You' by 高爾宣 OSN

'怎麼了' by 周興哲Eric Chou

'天黑請閉眼' feat.  邱鋒澤 by 陳零九 Nine Chen

'真的傻' (電影《一吻定情》追愛版主題曲) by 徐佳瑩 LaLa Hsu

Taiwan’s Most Streamed Local Artists

周杰倫 Jay Chou

周興哲 Eric Chou

高爾宣, OSN



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