On RRR this week, we speak to Esperanza Spalding about how Trump has influenced her next album

On RRR this week, we speak to Esperanza Spalding about how Trump has influenced her next album

Recent Record Reviews used to be a video series where the Bandwagon editors talked about records (that are recent). We're now a weekly podcast, because we have faces for radio.

But more than just albums, RRR has now expanded its scope to present everything from events and news to single premieres! So tune in to hear your hosts Daniel Peters and Hidzir Junaini (and the occasional special guest) candidly discussing the current affairs of regional music. 

Let's not bury the lead here — we have Esperenza Spalding as our special guest this week's podcast! Tune in to listen to our conversation about her musical evolution, Donald Trump, and her politically charged forthcoming album before her appearance at Sing Jazz later this month. 

Elsewhere, we also talk about Ed Sheeran's impending Southeast Asian tour, what we would request at Coldplay's concert, the insane lineup for Generation Axe (aka a guitar enthusiast's wet dream) and Bandwagon's exciting new Campus Tour series.


And a little off tangent (but just as fun), Hidzir and Daniel pick out their favourite TV theme songs of all-time, ranging from Buffy the Vampire Slayer's alt-rock anthem by Nerf Herder to Twin Peaks' haunting opener by Angelo Badalamenti.

We also discuss some events that we're looking forward to the most in the coming days, including Tim De Cotta's long-awaited album launch and SPACE SHOWER RETSUDEN's epic Japanese indie rock showcase.

And in between all that talk, this week's playlist showcases impressive new singles fro ERI, Of Methodist, hauste, Benau's remix of a Slowdown & Jasmine Sokko duet, Linus Hablot and Monkey to Millionaire!

Download the episode here. Tracklist coming real soon!