Nadine Lustre talks vulnerability and life struggles in her debut album, Wildest Dreams - listen

Nadine Lustre talks vulnerability and life struggles in her debut album, Wildest Dreams - listen


“Get ready because I’m ready”, Nadine Lustre sings, prepping the world for her first-ever album.

Armed with a dreamy pop and alt-R&B sound, and emotional lyrics, the Filipino actress-singer is ready to share an insight into her life with her debut album, Wildest Dreams. While Nadine has released a number of singles and collaborative tracks, as well as a self-titled EP back in 2014, this is the artist’s first big venture into the music scene. 

Modelled after the concept of dreams and inspired by the singer’s personal journey, the album is said to narrate stories of Nadine’s biggest challenges and life experiences, accompanied by six music videos as part of her visual album. 


Spanning 12 tracks, Wildest Dreams is described to be a vulnerable and honest message of inspiration and a showcase of strength in times of weakness. While the singer’s still pretty tight-lipped about her tracks, wanting to maintain an element of surprise for her fans, the singer mentioned that the album will tackle a multitude of themes, including self-love, family and mental health.

More specifically, Nadine shared that one of her songs ‘Save A Place’ is actually inspired by her late brother. 

“The hardest song to work on was ‘Save A Place’ because that song is about my brother. Marcus Davis wrote it and before he started working on it, we had a little dinner. I was opening up to him and telling him everything that I wanted to say to my brother. Things that, you know, like regrets or things that I wish I could have done,  just anything that comes to mind every time I think about [him]. After two days, [Marcus] finished writing the song and when I heard it for the first time, I couldn't stop crying. Even during the recording, I had to stop [because] every time I tried singing it, my voice would break and I'd end up crying. It was really hard. It was very emotional. Marcus took the words right out of my mouth. Even until now, every time I listen to it, I feel like I'm gonna cry,” Nadine shared, in a press conference.

Inspired by Jhené Aiko’s album Trip, Nadine is using her debut album as a first-hand look into her head and heart, in hopes of empowering her fans and anyone listening through her struggles. 

“Being vulnerable was one of the things that made it really tough for me because I didn't want people to see my weak side. I didn't want people to see me vulnerable, I didn't want people to see me crying, I didn't want people to see me sad. I wanted people to see me as someone who's strong, that nothing bothers me at all. But, I wanted to inspire a lot of people and I want to help a lot of people so I had to put [all those stories] in,” she said.

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Wildest Dreams started production late last year but only took off once quarantine started. “During the lockdown, I had a lot of time to myself, just having quiet moments and just discovering more of myself and getting to know myself even more. It was time for me to be vulnerable and to get in touch with my emotions and things that I haven't really dealt with or that I was scared to deal with before,” Nadine shared

Produced under Nadine’s label, Careless Music Manila, Wildest Dreams is a collaborative effort between her, her labelmates James Reid, KINGwAw and Massiah, as well as Careless producers Isagani Palabyab and Kahlil Ho Atienza. Nadine also teased that the album will have tracks featuring James Reid and Massiah. 

Wildest Dreams is slated for release on 31 October at 8 PM (TH/ID Standard Time) 9 PM (PH/SG/MY Standard Time) via all major streaming platforms. The visual album will also premiere on Careless Music and ABS-CBN’s official YouTube channels.

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