Coexisting with the new normal: musicians and their side hustles

Coexisting with the new normal: musicians and their side hustles

Everyone misses the unbeatable experience of live music.

You all know it—standing in line for hours to enter the venue and sweating in anticipation as the lighting guy turns the lights on and off, all before revelling in the moshpit as your favorite band takes on the stage. Believe us, our local artists miss it too. But thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, throwing a kickass show is nowhere near the horizon. 

Instead of moping around in quarantine, a lot of your favorite acts have been keeping themselves busy by creating new material, holding virtual gigs, and offering their services as teachers, producers, and sessionists. For a bunch of them, doing these things just isn't enough to get by, so they've brushed up on their entrepreneurial skills and got into business.

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Here are some Filipino artists who have taken the extra mile to coexist with the new normal:


Chi Resurreccion of Typecast

Typecast bassist Chi Resurreccion has been slangin' eye-catching threads through In Bloom for years now. In light of the pandemic looming over us, he has released a new line of affordable face masks that won't only keep you safe in the outside world but also make you look good.

Plus, In Bloom masks are made in limited quantities, just like his button down shirts and dresses, to give you a unique piece to wear anytime, anywhere.


Gloc-9 loves his fried chicken and he wants to share it all with you through Kusina Ni Juvy. Now you can experience its wonderful flavors and mysterious spices in the comfort of your home for PHP 350. Order now!

Check out the 'Fried Chicken Ni Gloc-9' anthem below.

Armi Millare of UDD

Besides making music with UDD, for film, and her solo effort, singer-songwriter Armi Millare also finds joy in creating and curating natural and organically grown essentials for everyday life through STOA Studios. She offers all sorts of things that would make you glow with joy—from candles, soap, lotion bars, jewelry, to apparel.

Jeje Santos of Giniling Festival

If you're on the lookout for a full meal, Jeje Santos of Giniling Festival has two options for you: Tsong Kawali (with kare-kare rice) and Tsongsilog (caramelized litson).

Need hot sauce to go with it? He's also got special bottles of Siling Giniling hot sauce (yup, named after their song).

And of course, if your tummy isn't completely satisfied with all that savory goodness, Jeje can also hook you up with his homemade chocolate chip cookies from Dough St.

Jay Contreras of Kamikazee

Raise your mugs to Kamikazee's Jay Contreras as he brings the best of Cordillera coffee straight to your doorstep with Kape 55. Feel your body and soul rejuvinate with their Kalinga medium roast, Sagada dark roast, and Benguet hazelnut beans for only PHP 250 a bag.

Pakoy Fletchero of Typecast

Typecast's Pakoy Fletchero isn't just about melting faces with his guitar riffs. These days, he's also been making people drool all over the goods at Hungry Bru, his latest venture into authentic kebabs and sausages. Hungry Bru offers ready-to-cook beef and chicken kebabs, homemade sausages, pita bread, and garlic sauce, which you can score with free delivery in certain areas south of the Metro and Nuvali.

Rogel Africa of Valley of Chrome

You might know Rogel Africa for screaming at faces at Valley of Chrome shows, but since he doesn't really get to do that so much these days he's turned to screaming with a keyboard instead. Except, less vicious. Besides helping vintage shirts, vinyl records, and comics find new homes, the metalcore singer has opened his services as a copywriter to brands, businesses, bands, influencers, and even you, too!

Champ Lui Pio of Hale

If you're craving for your coffee fix in Alabang, Hale frontman Champ Lui Pio highly recommends you swing by Bean and Yolk, his little nook in Westgate, where they serve local brews and more while you wait for their next gig and 12 Monkeys to open again.

Moira Dela Torre

It's been a while since Moira Dela Torre whipped up some of her famous triple chocolate cookies in the kitchen, but there's finally been a movement on the official page of Cookies & Moi! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these incredibly chewy circles of love coming at you very soon.

Anjo Silvosa of She's Only Sixteen

Live the good La Union life at home with She's Only Sixteen's Anjo Silvosa and his Sabong Fried Chicken.

If you can't hit the beach, you can pre-order from three choices of their chicken—the Elyu Original with Homemade Ketchup, Honey Bagoong with Kare-kare Sauce, and Korean Soy with Gochu Mayo—sent straight to your Metro Manila home.

A Family style package (9 pcs. chicken, pickled vegetable, charred elote, and chicken rice platter) is also available. Order here!

Zel Bautista of December Avenue

The December Avenue frontman isn't all about leaving you swooning. These days he has taken on a new role in society as that go-to guy to get your living and working spaces germ-free.

With BIOTECT Disinfection Services you can now feel at ease knowing your homes, cars, and offices are squeaky clean and safe from pesky viruses. They use a whole bunch of Ghost Buster-esque gear that don't only clean through a scientific approach, but also raise the standard of sanitation everywhere.

Chino David of Hale

Tinda Ni Chinida is a joint venture between Hale violinist Chino David and his lovely wife, Ida. Together they offer trays of fresh and salted eggs, as well as puto cheese with dinuguan.

Bryan Kong of Taken By Cars

Aside from being part of the Crazy Group - the team behind Crazy Katsu and Crazy Ramen, Taken By Cars drummer Bryan Kong has also ventured into the world of fresh produce. With his wife Maxine, Bryan has set up From The Source, a one-stop-shop for fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat.