GOT7 reunite in self-titled EP: "This album is about not forgetting where we came from" — listen

GOT7 reunite in self-titled EP: "This album is about not forgetting where we came from" — listen


GOT7 are back. 

On 23 May, the seven-piece—which comprises JAY B, Mark Tuan, Jackson Wang, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom—unveiled their highly anticipated EP, GOT7. This is the group's first release since their 2021 single 'Encore', which followed their departure from JYP Entertainment that same year. 

Described as the "most GOT7-like album" to date, the record is said to take on the theme of "renewal" or "reconstruction", marking a new beginning for the group and their fans. "We promised our fans that we won't be going anywhere. so wanted to prove that we are not disbanded by releasing this EP," said BamBam in a press conference held today (23/05).

"The name [of the EP] is GOT7, which reminds all seven of us how important GOT7 is," said JAY B. "People grow, evolve, and change but this album is about not forgetting where we came from."


GOT7 spans six tracks, written and produced by the members themselves. During a press conference held ahead of the EP release, the members shared more about the process of putting the record together, stating how each track reflected the different sides of GOT7. 

"We have many different sides to us—sometimes fun, sometimes sharp with the performances. So when I was prepping for this album, I made sure to keep that in mind," said JAY B. "We all were involved in getting the songs, picking the songs. We had all the blind tests on the demos that we collected and written. We all ended up picking the songs that we produced."

The EP also dropped alongside the music video for their lead single 'NANANA', which the group dedicated to their fans. "This one is for the fans, the people that make us happy and are our source of healing. They are always there for us. Our album really just represents our appreciation to the fans," added JAY B. 

"It's so GOT7. It reminded me of 'THURSDAY' and 'Page', where we have so much fun on stage," said Jackson on their title track. 

"Going along with our album theme of construction, we are inviting fans to our new home and want them to have fun in there," said Youngjae. 

GOT7 initially debuted 'NANANA', as well as 'Don't Leave Me Alone' at their HOMECOMING fan concert last weekend, during which they hoped the latter would comfort fans when they were away pursuing their solo careers. 

"It was written a long time ago. This was based on sentimental feelings I had but it has evolved into the feeling for our fans now. We wanted to comfort our fans. As long as they wait for us, we will always be back for them," said JAY B at the press conference. 

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When asked about the creative process behind GOT7, the members shared how it involved a lot of video calls with some of them in different timezones. 

"Since last year, we were getting demos and putting the songs together. Each of our management companies has also been very supportive of us working on GOT7. It wasn't easy, but at the same time, everyone was very supportive which we are thankful for," said Jinyoung. 

"We were prepping this since last year when we really wanted to come back. So i'm happy that it finally happened," said Mark. 

While the group shares that this might be their last release together for a while, they assured everyone it certainly won't be the last, hoping to return as GOT7 as soon as they can. 

"We will try to return in the future. We can't promise that we are going to be as active as before, but we want to continue as GOT7 along with our solo works. We want to show a variety of GOT7. It'll be cool to have a festival like shows once in two or three years," said JAY B. 

"[Working on this album] reminded a lot of when we debuted—the excitement and nervousness. This project made us look back and reminded us of when we debuted. The last seven years have been like our roots, now we want to grow and branch out," said Jinyoung. 

"The last seven years were very meaningful, it's because of those days, we are here now. We want to continue to put out a great album as GOT7. We can't tell you when it is but it will happen in the future," said BamBam. 

Listen to GOT7's self-titled EP here.