Concert producers talk about their favorite show and festival experiences in the Philippines

Concert producers talk about their favorite show and festival experiences in the Philippines

Bandwagon Conversations is returning to the Nook in Alabang this October 19 (Saturday).

For the second edition of Bandwagon Conversations, we bring together some of the head honchos of Filipino music event production companies, including Karpos Multimedia, Midas Promotions, The Rest Is Noise, Independent Play, and Raccoon Productions, to talk about the ins and outs of the business and what it takes to bring your favorite local and international acts on stage.

We caught up with the speakers of the second Bandwagon Conversations to share their favorite concert experiences.


Daniel Peters

Midas Promotions

Would have to say that the best moment for me was promoting Khalid’s show in Manila last November.

I identified Khalid early on. Chased the show hard for while and even flew to the US to meet with the agents personally. We took what was seen as a big risk at the time on booking the show at such a high fee but it all paid off in the end and we surpassed all expectations. Was a great career moment for me. 

Valine Aquino

Independent Play

My top gig/event /concert experience, I have a few.

1. Beach Fossils Live in Manila

Its my first self-produced show in Manila. It will always be memorable because it was my first. This kind of fell into my lap when We Are Imaginary's Ahmad introduced me to the promoter bringing them to an SEA tour. And here we are today.

2. Nalu Surf Festival

This was the most fun of all the concerts. Although I didn't produce it, I led the production team hired to do it. It's a 2-day Festival in Baler headlined by Franco. It was my first beach festival. The logistics was challenging but the experience during the concert was truly memorable! It was my first time seeing Ultra Combo perform and it was exhilarating to sing Eraserheads hits with a sea of 4,000 people.

3. American Football Live in Manila

Of course. First sold out show. Building something from the ground up took a lot more risk but having a co-producer was well worth it. It was interesting to see how partnerships work in equal footing. It led to a very successful show. Makes me wonder how my next concerts would be.

John Uy

Karpos Multimedia

Live Music Experience – maybe Karpos Live Mix 1.2 with HONNE and Anderson .Paak + The Free Nationals! Runner ups would be the Phoenix show back in January 2014, The Royal Concepts set during Wanderland 2014 and UNIQUE’s Karpos Live show last September.

Overall Experience – Wanderland 2019.

Ian Urrutia

The Rest Is Noise

It was an intimate show with hundreds of sweaty bodies moshing to songs from Post-Nothing and Celebration Rock. It felt great surrendering to the pleasures of Japandroid’s fuzzy punk anthems.

Coming from a very rough week, the entire experience served as a much-welcomed breather from the stress that I went through in both work and personal life. I was happily drunk, dancing and screaming to every line in the lyrics.

I lost it when Brian and David played The House That Heaven Built, and tried fighting my feelings hearing the line: “but you’re not mine to die for anymore / So I must live." Six years went on, and I can still remember every moment of that night. It’s that life-affirming. 

Mika Ordonez

Raccoon Productions

My favorite concert to date is Paramore's first Philippine concert back in 2010. I was a high school student back then, and that was the first concert I've ever attended. 

I still remember excitement and the rush of emotions I felt when Hayley entered the stage and when everyone in the crowd started singing and moshing. Not a lot of people had smart phones back then, so I was able to enjoy the concert without hands and phones blocking my view (laughs). Despite the many festivals and shows I've attended here in the PH, I don't think anything else will ever top my first experience.

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