Cheats, Moonstar88, Raymund Marasigan, Ben&Ben, and more release new music – listen

Cheats, Moonstar88, Raymund Marasigan, Ben&Ben, and more release new music – listen

It's been a wild, wild week with everything that's been going on across the globe.

People want change and are amplifying their voices through social media, demonstrations, art, and music. With protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, the world speaking up against the Terror Bill, and Hong Kong fighting for their freedom, artists are working harder than ever to keep people's spirits alive through their craft and even encouraging fans to use their voices.

Check out these new releases this week, and don't forget to spot acts on Bandcamp as well, where artists will be able to get 100% of their sales every first Friday of the month.

Cheats - 'Daze'

Cheats are giving the first look into their upcoming EP with the release of their latest single 'Daze,' which was written while the band was in quarantine. 

Jim Bacarro tells Bandwagon about the song, "Wrote the song feeling bummed out that I couldn’t join the band when they went out one night. Originally it was me dealing with the fear of missing out. But then the quarantine happened and I rewrote the second half of the song. Enzo and I did a Zoom call and jammed the song 'live.' I sent him a guitar track and vocal and I watched him play drums. It was weird. I realized there really is a new normal and therefore new ways of finding comfort in these strange times."

Peaceful Gemini - 'Warrior Princess'

Peaceful Gemini is celebrating her birthday with a brand new single.

Ben&Ben - 'Lifetime'

Ben&Ben hit Twitter hard with their new "crowdsourced" single 'Lifetime,' inspired by a fan's story shared on their YouTube page.

Kjah, Yeng Constantino, Raymund Marasigan - 'Diskaril'

'Diskaril' is the ultimate Yeng Constantino collab where listeners get to consume a track composed by Kjah and produced by Raymund Marasigan.

Zero Four Hero & Noodle Perez - 'This Is The End'

Zero Four Hero teamed up with Thirds' Noodle Perez once more to recreate The Ambassadors' 'This is the End,' off the Cebuano punk-rock act's 2009 record Life Goes On.

Monty Macalino & Raymund Marasigan - Nais Lang Kitang Saktan/ Tama Na Yan (Deluxe Version)

There's a brand new deluxe version of Mayonnaise and Raymund Marasigan's collab 'Nais Lang Kitang Saktan/ Tama Na Yan.' The track was written and recorded during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

Moonstar88 - 'Naantala'

Moonstar88's latest offering 'Naantala,' which was written by collaborator Raymund Marasigan, was inspired by experiences that took place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DJ Joey Santos - 'Flat Curver'

DJ Joey Santos is back with another party track.

BuwanBuwan Collective Sample Pack

BuwanBuwan Collective's latest sample pack—which features drum hits, chords, field recordings, and more by Ah Jussi, Escuri, Lui, LUSTBASS, and Similarobjects—is available for free to anyone who donates to Philippine causes.

Munimuni - mga kantang isinulat mag-isa

Munimuni have held off on their new release, but the band has shared the tracks they made while in quarantine via a new EP called mga kantang isinulat mag-isa. Their new single, 'Talinghaga' debuted on June 6. Get first listen on the band's new tracks via Marilag Records.

Listen here:

Limbs - Soft Narcosis

Limbs just dropped their sophomore album. Preview the new album via this video game.

Bullet Dumas - 'Lobo'

Bullet Dumas shared his take on the Filipino children's song, 'Ako Ay May Lobo'.