New mobile game 'Rhythm Hive' featuring BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER set to be released in 2021

New mobile game 'Rhythm Hive' featuring BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER set to be released in 2021

A new game is coming your way, and this one's featuring music from BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT)!

Via social media posts and even a flashing billboard, Superb Corp., an independent company on the forefront of Big Hit Entertainment's gaming business, announced 'Rhythm Hive', a rhythm mobile game. 

According to the teasers, Rhythm Hive will feature a number of hit tracks from Big Hit artists, including BTS' 'Dynamite' and 'ON', and TXT's 'Can't You See Me?' and '9 and Three Quarters'. There are no further details known about the game, but it will include both a single-player and multiplayer mode. 

Following the release of 'Pianista' and 'Yumi's cells with NAVER WEBTOON', this will be Superb Corp.'s third rhythm game. "Rhythm Hive will demonstrate the synergy when a game meets the music of the Big Hit Labels’ artists. The game is the pinnacle of expertise and knowledge of developers under Superb Corp," said the company in an official statement. 

'Rhythm Hive' is expected to be released early next year.

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BTS are no stranger to video games. The Billboard Hot 100 act previously launched a mobile video game entitled BTS WORLD, where users take on the role of BTS' manager, taking multiple adventures with the group. The app features real recordings and pictures from BTS, as well as an original soundtrack. BTS WORLD dropped in 2019 and has since attracted millions of players and won several awards. Earlier this year, the group also released BTS Universe Story, an interactive mobile game with Netmarble. BTS Universe Story centres around Jin helping bring together the rest of the members.

BTS also recently dabbled in esports in the latest episodes of their variety show, Run BTSwhere the group invited League of Legends champions T1 to play Gang Beasts and Fall Guys

The group follows a series of K-pop acts that have collided with the gaming world. EXO's Chanyeol recently drove up the popularity of independent game Among Us during a livestream, while his bandmate Baekhyun broke records when he livestreamed a game of PUBGBLACKPINK have also recently stepped into the world of gaming, with a recent collaboration with PUBG.


BTS are scheduled to release their latest album BE on November 20, while TXT came out with their comeback EP minisode1 : Blue Hour last October.

Watch BTS' 'Dynamite here:

Watch TXT's 'Blue Hour' here: