UDD recommend healthy picks, video games, regional acts, and more...

UDD recommend healthy picks, video games, regional acts, and more...

Have you ever wondered how the members of UDD start their days?

For this very healthy edition of Recommends..., Bandwagon sat down with the 'Sigurado' act to talk about what gear aspiring musicians should get their paws on, how to take care of your voice, their favorite video games, what local and regional bands people should check out, and more.

What would you recommend fans to eat after a UDD show?

Carlos: Shawarma! 

Armi: White popcorn. It's such a treat with some truffle spray or white cheddar.

Ean: Dati malakas ako kumain after a show, pero ngayon sobrang iniiwas ko na, kasi acidity. Pero...wheat grass!

Armi: Oh? I take wheat grass also, but in the morning. You should take magnesium rin, kasi we're naturally deficient in magnesium—wow, that escalated quickly into a health recommendation (laughs).

Ean: Mahirap kasi maging sobrang healthy, lalo na pag gabi. Siguro medyo bata-bata ka. Yung digestion mo talaga nagbabago.

What would you recommend your fans to drink during a UDD show?

Carlos: Uhh...ginger ale?

Ean: Lots of water.

Armi: Yeah, hydrate. 'Cause it's hot and we underestimate the effects of water. This is really escalating into a very healthy recommendation. 

What would you recommend your fans to do first thing in the morning?

Carlos: Pray.

Armi: Now I try not to open my phone the moment I wake up. And then I do that metronome meditation.

Ean: Breakfast. Usually bread lang ako, eh. Before hindi kasi ako nagbebreakfast, pero ngayon sanay na ko sa breakfast. Tapos after breakfast, matutulog ulit ako if walang errands. Bread and egg and coffee.

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Recommended exercise.

Armi: Swimming! It's meditative. It's low impact. I can stay in the water for a while like I'm in a new planet.

Carlos: Kettle bell. 

Ean: Walking. Actually paglakad sa mall okay na yun eh, every day. I think healthy siya. Tapos yung ginagawa namin, magpapark nang malayo. Kasi parang pag nasa ibang country ka diba, lakad ka nang lakad, pero dito masyado kang spoiled.

An animated film people should watch

Armi: When I was young I loved Ferngully. It's like pre-Avatar. Know what I mean?

Ean: Favorite ng daughter ko yung Brave. Female version ni Braveheart.

Movie or TV series soundtrack everyone should listen to

Armi: Creed! Not the band--Creed as in Ludwig Göransson's score. I mean for me, it's so galing! There's this part where he was in the ring, they were using maybe two measures before of the actual chorus of the Rocky theme but they did not use it. They just led you on there.

Ean: Soundtrack ng Pose. '80s R&B siya. Mga Whitney Houston. Gusto ko yung soundtrack. Hanggang ngayon pinapakinggan ko sa car.

Carlos: A Walk to Remember? I don't know. Spawn?

Video game you'd recommend.

Carlos: Last Of Us! Or Witcher!

Armi: Anything RPG! I got stuck on The Last Of Us. I'm not gonna do the new one until I finish the first one. The last time I tried, I was playing for seven hours, and I was like, "Wow, if I keep doing this I will lose my job." But I'd still recommend anything RPG. It's fun.

Do you think you'd survive in an RPG world in real life?

Armi: No, because I don't like driving and if I have to drive and there's a zombie, I'll probably...I don't know what's gonna happen to me! When they start attacking the windows, wala na. End na.

Ean: Last Of Us pa rin eh. Doon ako nag-stop na eh. In a week natapos ko siya.

Armi: I borrowed his game! His game is with me!

Local acts people should check out.

Armi: This isn't biased, but I'm gonna recommend Skymarines. She's rarely at any gigs, so I don't know how they'll find her.

Ean: Orange & Lemons. Naglabas sila ng album and single, and na-realize ko I grew up with Orange & Lemons at na-miss ko sila. Very nostalgic yung album na ginawa nila for me. Britpop talaga. Ano rinAOUI!

Carlos: I wanna say Itchyworms but people are checking them out na eh. Big Hat Gang!

Asian acts people should check out.

Ean: Mabanua.

Armi: And Ovall! Mabanua is the drummer of Ovall (laughs).

Carlos: The album of Mabanua.

Armi: We're sharing this ether thing where all our thoughts are in the same frequency tonight (laughs)!

Carlos: Ang ganda talaga eh! Mix of Japanese and western.

Ean: Dagdag mo THREE1989. Terrace House band. Hitomitoi.

Three pieces of gear a drummer/synthsman would need.

Ean: Sa tingin ko, start with the simple ones. Yung mga cheap lang. Try to understand how they work. For example, if you want to explore synthesizers, 'wag ka muna sa mga boutique na brands. Start ka sa mga Casio or yung pinaka-simple lang. Understand how you can produce sound. 

For drum machines naman, get that signature sound of drum machines. Ang dami na kasing drum machines ngayon eh. Halos magkakatunog na sila. Kunin mo na lang yung pinaka-standard o yung pinaka-orig like 808 or 909 or 606. Yun usually yung ginagaya ngayon eh. Yun yung standard.

What would recommend aspiring singers to do to take care of their voices?

Armi: Lots of sleep, water, and no dairy. That's sad, but what I do is if I have to have dairy, I check if there are shows at least three days before, because I'm sensitive to it.

UDD are set to return to Singapore for a headlining show this August and are scheduled to tour the US this September with IV of Spades.

Stream UDD's new self-titled album via Terno Recordings below.