BTS, SB19, Fiersa Besari, BrightWin, and more are the top Tweeted-about artists across Asia

BTS, SB19, Fiersa Besari, BrightWin, and more are the top Tweeted-about artists across Asia

Twitter is ending 2020 with a roundup of the most-tweeted topics and conversations we’ve had this year. 

With most of the world stuck in quarantine during what might be the weirdest year yet, it’s no surprise that many of us have turned to Twitter as a source of comfort, sense of connectivity, and distraction.

Every year, Twitter rolls out its own edition of a year-end roundup by unveiling the most discussed conversations of 2020. From the most tweeted about musicians and personalities to sports and TV shows, here are the trends that set the Twitter realm abuzz this year. 

Akin to their Grammy-nominated hit single, Dynamite, BTS have lit up Twitter as well, emerging at the top of another list, clinching the title of the most-tweeted musicians in the world.

Followed by Kanye West and Beyonce in second and third places respectively, check out the Global Top 10 Musicians on Twitter. 

1. BTS
2. Kanye West
3. Beyonce
4. Rihanna
5. Justin Bieber 
6. Cardi B 
8. Drake 
9. Ariana Grande 
10. Taylor Swift  

BTS is the most mentioned account on Twitter for the fourth consecutive year, and Jungkook’s cover is also the second most retweeted tweet in the world. 

Across Asia, K-pop stars and local personalities have dominated the top 10 lists. In the #Bestof2020 Southeast Asia Awards, Twitter recognised Netflix Indonesia's #LightUpTheSky (the BLACKPINK documentary) campaign with the Best Connection to Culture award, while Spotify's K-pop playlist campaign won the award for Best #OnlyOnTwitter.

Check out the most tweeted about personalities in Asia below.


Singaporean stand-up comedian and TV personality, Fakkah Fuzz, was the most tweeted about entertainer this year, followed by pop singer Ariana Grande and Malaysian actress Neelofa


P-pop act SB19, rocketed to the top of the list with the most tweeted about hashtag and account in the Philippines. Meanwhile, actor-singer Alden Richards, folk-pop group Ben&Ben, and pop star Darren Espanto round up the Top 10.

Beaming with Pinoy pride, Sam Smith’s tweet about a young Filipino boy singing in the public karaoke machine also went viral, as it became this year’s Top Retweet and Most Liked Tweet in the Philippines. 


Indonesian writer and musician Fiersa Besari is the most tweeted about Twitter account, while singer-songwriter Agnez Mo, was the second most tweeted about entertainer, along with her fanbase #agnation reigning over the top entertainment hashtag. 

Reza Arap of the local EDM and electropop group, Weird Genius, along with Indonesian acts, Kunto Aji and Ardhito Pramono conclude the Top 10. 


K-pop has certainly dominated the world this year, from powerhouse comebacks to breaking all sorts of records, here are the Top 10 Most Tweeted K-pop accounts in the world.

1. BTS
2. EXO
5. GOT7
6. NCT 127 
7. TXT
10. Stray Kids 


Still 2gether stars Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin, as well as GOT7’s BamBam, are the Top Three most tweeted entertainment accounts in Thailand.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s #Lisa prevails as the second most tweeted hashtag. 


In Japan, the J-pop idol boy band, sixTONES, notched the top spot of the most tweeted celebrity account.

Following tightly in second place are best-selling J-pop group, ARASHI, while the likes of Nogizaka46 and JO1 also made the list.

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