Relive K-pop history with these first tweets from some of your favourite acts — BTS, Jackson Wang, BLACKPINK, NCT DREAM, and more

Relive K-pop history with these first tweets from some of your favourite acts — BTS, Jackson Wang, BLACKPINK, NCT DREAM, and more

Twitter has, without a doubt, been a gamechanger in the world of K-pop. Beyond just a means of communication between artists and their listeners, it has also been a powerful community building tool among fans themselves. 

From trending hashtags to celebrate new releases or voting at the Billboard Music Awards 2021, Twitter is crucial to building fan solidarity on a global scale. K-pop acts themselves have also recognised the sheer importance of the platform, and today’s idols are tweeting more than ever.

The fandoms that made BTS, BLACKPINK, SB19, Ariana Grande, and SEVENTEEN finalists at the Billboard Music Awards Top Social Artist Chart

Twitter Korea has recently launched the #KpopTwitter campaign to celebrate K-pop's indelible impact on the platform. As part of this initiative, they've also created an archive of debut tweets from various K-pop acts under the #KpopFirstTweet hashtag. Take a trip down memory lane with these memorable first tweets.


Did you know that BTS made their first tweet almost 9 years ago, even before their official debut in 2013? The message reads: "What's up! It's Bangtan (BTS). Bangtan's official Twitter is finally open. We will be uploading things that are beyond your imagination, and interesting things from our pre-debut days."


According to Kim Yeon-jeong, Twitter Korea's Head of Global K-pop & K-content Partnerships, this mysterious tweet was also the first teaser that ushered in EXO's 'Ko Ko Bop' era in 2017.


Keeping it short and sweet, BLACKPINK made their Twitter debut last June on the same day 'How You Like That'—the first preview of their debut album THE ALBUM—was released.


Interestingly, GOT7's first tweet was completely unrelated to the group itself. Instead, it was a teaser announcement for JJ Project—the musical duo formed in 2012 with JAY B and Jinyoung—two years before GOT7 debuted.



Mark Tuan


Interestingly, GOT7's Youngjae joined Twitter in 2015, and his debut tweet was a reply to Mark. The latter had originally tweeted 'Youngjae is here!!!' to announce his bandmate's arrival on the app. 




Meanwhile, ITZY's first tweet arrived on January 20, 2019 with a teaser that previewed their explosive debut mini-album, IT'z Different.


Almost four years ago, NCT DREAM first tweeted on their official account with a video teaser featuring Mark for 2017's We Young.


MONSTA X joined Twitter six years ago, tweeting a message of support just three months before their debut.


The oldest first tweet on this list, 2PM made their Twitter debut more than a decade ago with a concert announcement in LA. For a legendary group that's making their long awaited comeback in 2021, this is a nice reminder of how far they've come. 

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