Top 10 Bandwagon Gigs – Slash, American Football, IV of Spades, MYRNE, Lucy Rose, Turnover, and more

Top 10 Bandwagon Gigs – Slash, American Football, IV of Spades, MYRNE, Lucy Rose,  Turnover, and more

Happy birthday to Bandwagon!

On September 30th, we turned 10 and it's crazy just thinking about everything that has happened. Just think about it, where were you in 2011? What kind of music were you singing along to? Which shows did you and your friends chase across the globe?

Since Bandwagon has been around for a good decade now, we thought it would be nice to go down memory lane and remember 10 of our most favourite shows:

Bandwagon: The Music Market

The first edition of Bandwagon: The Music Market took place at 15 Minutes, LASALLE College of the Arts in 2013. Things got even bigger when it headed to the iconic Hard Rock Cafe for its second edition in 2014, where over 500 paying attendees joined the party with The Sam Willows, Cashew Chemists, Two Seas, Sphaeras, The Awks, Jamie Wong, Intriguant, and more up onstage.

These were incredible, fun-packed shows we'll never forget. Besides live music, we also mounted 20 pop-up stores, art activities, and vinyl shop displays. Of course, there were also some interactive setups for film screenings and video games.

Bandwagon Bus to Urbanscapes

Bandwagon turned into a bandwagon for Bandwagon Bus in 2014. We brought a bunch of our friends on a mini field trip to Malaysia for the Urbanscapes Festival. It was a fun ride! We even had awesome food and drinks to keep everyone full and happy, while some of Singapore's top acts - Gentle Bones, .gif, Pleasantry, Inch Chua - played a few sets abroad the bus.

In 2015, we brought the Bandwagon Bus to the Philippines for The Bandwagon to Wanderland. We also hit a bunch of Metro Manila's finest live music spots and record stores.

By the following month, the Bandwagon Bus was all people could talk about! For its third ride, we invited some folks to join us for an overnight DJ party to iLuminate in Resorts World Genting.

Bandwagon Riverboat

We didn't stop with the Bandwagon Bus. Of course, we had to take live music to a different stage—in this case, a different mode of transportation. Bandwagon Riverboat saw five editions, including a multi-genre regional music festival, an electronic music party that ran from night till sunrise, and indie and pop-punk cover nights with EMONIGHTSG and EATMEPOPTART.

Bandwagon Music Market PH

For Bandwagon Philippines' first-ever event, we put up our own version of The Music Market. Over 400 people dropped by the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Makati City to revel in the power of live music by Oh, Flamingo, Shadow Moses, BEAST JESUS, Runway Crimes, BP Valenzuela, Bullet Dumas, Tom's Story, Inch Chua, Intriguant, CRWN, and more. They also came to support local merchants by buying their original prints, merch, ukuleles, and records.


Bandwagon brought legendary guitarist Slash and his band Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators to the Hard Rock Coliseum, Singapore for his only Asian stop for that 2019 tour. Loads of people began queuing up outside the venue as early as 1 p.m. (the show was scheduled to start at 8 p.m.), and despite this, they were all still powered up to party to Slash's explosive rock n' rock energy.

Lucy Rose Manila Cinema Tour / Bandwagon Nights #1

In 2017, Bandwagon invited English singer-songwriter Lucy Rose to Manila (for the second year in a row) for a special one-night concert at 19 East in Sucat. After the show, Lucy met her fans and signed albums, before enjoying the rest of the night with an afterparty featuring some of the country's top indie folk acts - Ben&Ben, Elise Huang, TheSunManager, Fools & Foes, and The Ransom Collective.

American Football Live In Manila

The day started with a crazy downpour that flooded the streets leading to Circuit Makati, but that didn't stop anyone from heading out to see midwest emo icons American Football live in concert. The show was certainly one we'll never forget - from donning paper crowns to surprise the band to seeing Philippine emo kings Typecast open the show, plus seeing Run Dorothy vocalist Dee Cruz hop on stage for 'Uncomfortably Numb'. It was Bandwagon Philippines' first sold-out show (people were still hoping to score tickets!) and seemed to go by so quickly. We were totally spent afterwards!

Turnover Live in Singapore

American rock band Turnover made their way to Singapore for their sold-out one-night show, hosted by Bandwagon. It was quite a whirlwind for the group; their bassist had gotten ill a day before they were scheduled to fly out. Instead, they recruited a friend in NYC to learn the entire set, but here's the catch, he hasn't played live in a decade. It was wild, to say the least, but everyone had a good time that night. The crowd was so pumped up, they even clamoured for an encore.

IV Of spades + Shanti Dope

Bandwagon flew Filipino acts IV Of Spades and Shanti Dope to Singapore for a special concert at the Gateway Theatre in 2019. The announcement even broke our site, but we were able to work things out and still get passes to their adoring fans.

IV Of Spades and Shanti Dope were actually in Singapore for about 48 hours just for the show. They flew in the middle of the night, got up early to prep for the show, worked on promo backstage, and played their gig. Everyone was tired, but the boys still had the energy to explore the city with some friends later that night. 


MYRNE's River Cruise gig was one the first virtual shows we set up since the pandemic started. It was our little way to adapt and still share a little magic through the city's waterways. Made in partnership with Singapore Tourism Board, the travelling show was also the award-winning producer's first time to take the Riverboat Cruise.

"It’s not something I would have thought of going for but it was interesting to get to sail around Singapore and have a view of the different attraction points," he shared with Bandwagon in an interview.